Saturday, September 19, 2009

the best laid plans...

Plans are made to change, rules are meant to be broken and I can't think of another one. We have had a great couple of months, they have just not been the ones we planned. That's okay.
Tender Care Hospice is doing great, we are slowly growing and spreading out into the valley. We have done some modifications, including some great advertising. We are wrapping our car, for those of you who don't know what that is I have included a picture. Yes my face is on the side of our car! It's crazy! We are building our website and just generally upgrading. I ended up getting my CNA (certified nurses assistant) so I can see patients and help the business-I didn't think that I would like it but I am loving it. It is really rewarding and I am so attached to my patients.
So I haven't gotten to go to school for what I had originally chosen but this is turning out to be great. Instead I'm taking the money I'm earning and hired a personal trainer so I'm learning all and more of what I would have learned. Adam stays w/the kids when I work so he gets more time w/them and I get to get out. It's a win win. I have also found that I can get Adam to change Ian's diapers all the time now, all I have to do is remind him that I change adult diapers and he can't come up w/an arguement! It's awesome.
Ty is doing well-he seems to be grounded all the time though, he doesn't ever bring home his homework. He doing soccer and is great at it, he is getting so big and is soooooo sarcastic-i don't know where he gets it!
Logan is doing well in kindergarden and is going to start swimming lessons again-he loves to swim and loves diving-we might have found Logan's sport!
Ava is still the little doll of the family-she loves to tell everyone that she has boobs and boys have pecks, she likes to tell everyone at the store too! She is always saying something funny. She is such a girl-she will only drink the milk w/the pink lid! It's girl milk, she says.
And Ian is just like Ava was, content to stay a baby forever. He is getting a little bratty and likes to yell at everyone all day unless we are walking around holding him. It's great! He has finally learned how to climb down the stairs so he gets around even better-no more yelling at the top for someone to come get him!
Hope all of you are doing well!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun Times

Well summer is in full swing and of course it's been awhile. There is just so much going on! Or something like that.
Adam is still going strong w/his hospice business, he works long and hard but it'll pay off someday. He is enjoying that he doesn't have homework hanging over his head. He still doesn't have much free time but it's nice that he has one less stress
.And now that Adam is done w/school it's my turn! I am going to Eagle Gate College starting Aug 31st to be a personal trainer specializing in post pregnancy exercise-since I've had a bit of experience trying to get my body back-don't laugh! I'm way excited, I just feel too old and out of shape. It's something that I'm really interested in and like to do so why not go to school for it-right? Right.
Ty is doing great and I'm having so much fun w/him this summer-he can really make me laugh. Adam's grandma just celebrated her 86Th birthday and Ty was asking her how old she was and she said "86" so leave it to Ty he says "why are you still alive." Can you believe that!? He is too funny. He cleans for the same grandma and asks me "how much longer is she going to live? I'm tired of cleaning her house." Oh Ty, so sensitive! We have also had to have "the talk" You all know which one I mean, he had me laughing so hard! Just his descriptions! Priceless. He was in a talent show at the end of the school year-he sang a Jonas brothers song while his friends danced. I didn't get to see it but some friends told me it was great. He loves to be the center of attention.
Logan has been in swimming lessons this summer and the teacher was so worried about him because he is so small. But he has done great and can now swim all over the pool w/no assistance. The lifeguards always panic when they see him jump off the diving board-until he bobs up to the surface and swims safely to the side. He is just so small. He is tough though and keeps up pretty well w/his friends and brother.
Ava is a doll. She is also a little tattle tale and loves to play mom to the boys-especially when they are in trouble-she repeats everything i say in her own little growl. She was so excited for her birthday this year-after watching the boys at their parties and opening their presents she couldn't wait for hers. She was so excited for Logan when he was opening presents she would say "oh wow, Logan. Happy Birthday to you!" Every time he opened something. She sang Happy Birthday to herself about 50 times on her birthday and thanked everyone who came through the door for coming to her party. She told me for weeks that she wanted a pink present and once I bought the cake mix for her cake she would ask at least 10 times a day for me to make it for her. Thank goodness that's over!
Ian is cute as ever and looks a ton like Ty which he loves. Ian is not walking yet but gets around just fine. He pulls himself up on everything and uses anything as a handhold-including skin-ouch! He is entering that age that they think that just because they see mom they think she has to be holding them. Or at least watching them eat! He is a little chunk which is so different from Logan w/his little stick legs. Logan put on a pair of Ian's shorts this morning on accident and they actually fit around his waist! they were just a mile too short-Ty and I couldn't stop laughing-it was so funny!
All is well w/the Archers for now. I hope you are all well and enjoying your summers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good News at Last

Hello All,
I don't mean to brag (yes I do!) but I have really cute kids, I mean look at them! They are adorable. I don't think they make 'em much cuter. I'm sure you've all been dying to know what's been going on w/the Archers! No? Well here's an update anyways.
Adam is graduating from Weber State University on May 1st w/his Bachelors degree in Philosophy. Yeah Adam! We are all so proud of him, he has worked so hard and has kept going through the years of hard work and change. His professor gave him an A++ on his final paper which shouldn't surprise any of us, he's so smart and articulate. He has also gone and bought himself a business, since there are no jobs out there he created one. Or something like that. It is called Tender Care Hospice, it's an in-home care hospice based up in Layton which is too funny to laugh at since we moved down to Sandy to be closer to work! He is working hard and putting in massive amounts of hours trying to get things going and learn the business. At least school is over and he doesn't have to stress about that anymore.
I am mostly hanging out at home, we got a gym membership last month so I go to the gym every morning and then spend the rest of the day "puttering" (my dad's word) around the house.
Ty is such a great kid! He is playing soccer, which dad is coaching, and trying to get into as much trouble as possible! Just kidding! He is actually in a play right now helping his Uncle Austin. Austin is directing a play at Weber State (Theatre Major) and he needed a little boy so he asked Ty. He is doing great, I can't wait to see it. Grandma said he is fantastic and now she wants to put him in more plays, we'll see how that pans out. We have started a new bribery system w/him, some call it allowance, whatever helps you sleep at night. He gets $2 a week for his chores and loses 10 cents whenever he is bratty, he has been an angel.
Logan is Logan, cute, cuddly and a total whiner! He is doing well in school but doesn't like going anymore. He is really into Star Wars right now and only wants to watch, play or reenact Star Wars.
Ava is potty! I can get her to "go" on the potty but it's more because I put her on it about 20 times a day then her feeling the need to go. She is such a little girl, I love it. She loves anything princess and loves animals.
Ian is great, such a happy baby. He is learning how to sit up right now and rolls all over the floor to get where he wants to go. He only ever cries when he's tired or hungry and don't ignore him when he's crying for you, oh no! He has quite the little temper!
Everything is great here, the weather is finally getting nice, Adam is hard at work and the kids are happy. Hope all is well w/all of you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Year

Well I've been waiting for something good to post but oh well, I'll update you anyways! Adam is doing well, trying to stay busy after being laid off 3 days before Christmas! Crazy, I know. He has been finishing some basements and volunteering w/Church and staying busy w/his calling. He just got called to Young Men's which is soo perfect for him. He is very very close to graduating from Weber State University, just one REALLY big paper left. He is staying positive and moving forward which is all we can do right now.
I am still trying to get a handle on my kids. I do well as long as we don't go anywhere! The down side to that is I get some major cabin fever. I am getting to know some ladies in the ward and that's been really nice. I am trying to start an aerobics class over in the ward building but I don't know how well that will go over, keep your fingers crossed for me. It gets really boring working out alone.
Ty is playing basketball and doing okay at it, it's definitely not his best sport but he's not terrible at it either. He has discovered that I'm easily distracted and doesn't give me a straight answer about homework and I hadn't noticed until recently, the little sneak! We are back on track though and I'm getting better communication from his teacher.
Logan has discovered the Play Station and wants to spend all of his time doing that, luckily neither he nor I know how to work the game so he has to wait for Ty or Dad so that limits his time on it. He is doing great in school and his teachers tell me that he is very meticulous, which we all already know about him, what w/his OCD.
Ava is so girly, I love it. She carries her dolls all around the house w/her and loves to play w/them. She also loves to accessorize, she wears Hulk sweatbands and a big gaudy bead necklace that Grandma bought her in New Orleans everyday and night. It's way cute. She is always very concerned whenever Logan cries and has to mother him until he is feeling better. She started ballet last week and has now added her ballet slippers to her accessories.
Ian is a great baby and loves to just sit and chill in his chair. He is not very good at night though, he wakes up about three times, he loses his binky and it wakes him up. I am so tired! Other than that he is great. He is very happy and smiles all the time, he also likes to yell. He isn't upset when he yells he just likes it.
Well we are all doing well despite the recession. We will be that much stronger at the end, of course it's only been about a month so I'll let you know how we are in a few months! Lots of love to all and we hope that you are all well.