Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Year

Well I've been waiting for something good to post but oh well, I'll update you anyways! Adam is doing well, trying to stay busy after being laid off 3 days before Christmas! Crazy, I know. He has been finishing some basements and volunteering w/Church and staying busy w/his calling. He just got called to Young Men's which is soo perfect for him. He is very very close to graduating from Weber State University, just one REALLY big paper left. He is staying positive and moving forward which is all we can do right now.
I am still trying to get a handle on my kids. I do well as long as we don't go anywhere! The down side to that is I get some major cabin fever. I am getting to know some ladies in the ward and that's been really nice. I am trying to start an aerobics class over in the ward building but I don't know how well that will go over, keep your fingers crossed for me. It gets really boring working out alone.
Ty is playing basketball and doing okay at it, it's definitely not his best sport but he's not terrible at it either. He has discovered that I'm easily distracted and doesn't give me a straight answer about homework and I hadn't noticed until recently, the little sneak! We are back on track though and I'm getting better communication from his teacher.
Logan has discovered the Play Station and wants to spend all of his time doing that, luckily neither he nor I know how to work the game so he has to wait for Ty or Dad so that limits his time on it. He is doing great in school and his teachers tell me that he is very meticulous, which we all already know about him, what w/his OCD.
Ava is so girly, I love it. She carries her dolls all around the house w/her and loves to play w/them. She also loves to accessorize, she wears Hulk sweatbands and a big gaudy bead necklace that Grandma bought her in New Orleans everyday and night. It's way cute. She is always very concerned whenever Logan cries and has to mother him until he is feeling better. She started ballet last week and has now added her ballet slippers to her accessories.
Ian is a great baby and loves to just sit and chill in his chair. He is not very good at night though, he wakes up about three times, he loses his binky and it wakes him up. I am so tired! Other than that he is great. He is very happy and smiles all the time, he also likes to yell. He isn't upset when he yells he just likes it.
Well we are all doing well despite the recession. We will be that much stronger at the end, of course it's only been about a month so I'll let you know how we are in a few months! Lots of love to all and we hope that you are all well.


Heather said...

Sorry to hear about Adam's job,that completely stinks! We miss you guys! Keep on keepin on :) Love to everyone - Heather (& Co.)

Sara said...

I love the update! I love those kids! And I love you! Can't wait to see you this weekend!