Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hi everyone! I don't have too much to say, nothing much is really going on. Adam finished the toy room, I'll try to get a picture of it posted, it's really cute. And in celebration of finishing the toyroom we're moving!! Adam is tired of sitting in traffic for hours just to get into or out of the valley, so we moving! He has been going crazy doing little projects that we've meant to do since moving in. He is building a new deck, finishing baseboards, touch up paint, etc. It wouldn't be a pregnancy if we weren't moving! This should be it for us though. We are so tired of the stress it puts on everyone, this move was inevitable though. It was either now or in the next 3 yrs, so why not now! We love our house and neighborhood, but I want to see my husband at night!
Adam got into a university in the east somewhere and the university of utah so he'll be able to finish his classes online. Weber isn't offering anything that he needs this coming semester so he got permission to go to another university. He is working hard, as usual, and is always going faster than the speed of light (I think he might be Superman!) until he drops into bed and passes out instantly! Me on the other hand, I toss and turn and can't turn my brain off until about 5 am! I think about the dumbest, most insignifigant things too! Where would I put the couches if we got this house? I wonder how fast the house will sell? What should I eat for breakfast? I mean come on now! Sleep!!
We can't wait to school to start (Ty and I) the kids are getting restless and bratty. I think turning 8 translates to 8titude! Ty has been snotty and such a back talker ever since he turned 8! I keep threatening to put a backpack on him backwards and put at least ten lbs in it and make him wear it all day! He is always giving me a hard time when I sit down, or ask him to get something for me! I keep trying to explain that this thing under my shirt isn't a beach ball! It's heavy! And Logan thinks that the baby needs stairs to come out! I don't know what he is picturing! Every time I go to the doctor he asks me if they are going to take the baby out, if it were only that simple! He has been quite the little whiner lately! I feel bad that he won't get to attend preschool this year, he is so ready to get out there. I've been doing some computer programs w/him but it's just not the same as going off to school, we can't enroll him though because we just don't know when we'll move and preschool isn't free! I've just got to pin myself down to a schedule and get some crafts going for him to do.
Ava is doing great, she is so much fun. If I had known how much fun a girl would be I would have had more!! She is so girlie too, I just hope that lasts. She has to have about 10 different toys sleep w/her everynight before she will even get in bed! And she already has a shoe fetish that rivals mine! We have to avoid going anywhere near shoes at the store or it will be a major melt down! And she has this horrible high pitched scream that pierces your ears, but I think that it's adorable because it's so girlie! Not that I go out of my way to HEAR the scream but I can't help but laugh wnen I hear it! She loves to dance and sing and everything is either "tute" (cute) or "eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww" which needs no translation!
We are all doing great, hopefully things move smoothly and quickly for us, I'm not very patient and waiting when there is so much to do is just torturous for me! Hope you are all doing great.

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