Friday, September 5, 2008


Well we went to look at houses on the 2nd of August and put an offer on one that day, we found out that we got it on the 5th and we moved in on the 26th! Not to shabby! We went to a family party on Sunday and no one even knew that we had moved! I can't believe how fast it all went. Our old house is under contract and should close between the 19th and the 30th, keep your fingers crossed. Everything has just really fallen into place, it was almost to easy. I had some awesome friends help me unpack boxes and put things away. Normally I want to do those things on my own but I'm like 9 months pregnant, I just want it done! We were all moved in and unpacked w/in three days, I think that's pretty good. We love our new house, it is adorable. The lady that lived here did so many cute things, the kids bathroom has a big tree painted in the corner and the toy room is insane! I'll add pictures when we hang ours. There are massive amounts of shelves in the closets, Ava doesn't even need a dresser. Adam and I can both fit in the master bathroom now at the same time! It's awesome! And we're in Sandy, which is perfect for us, we thought that we'd have to move out to West Jordan but our realtor was fantastic and found us a house right were we wanted it. We are just 15 minutes away from Mom and Dad and about 10 from Adam's little brother. And only about 3 from his best friend. We are thrilled w/the way it has all worked out.
I am doing great, I didn't overdue too much w/the move. I am sooo ready to have this baby, I am scheduled to be induced on the 24th of this month but I probably won't get to go in then because the new hospital is way overcrowded and they are constantly turning people away. We'll just have to wait and see, maybe he'll come on his own (not likely!)
Adam is very excited about his new commute, 15 minutes, you can't beat that! He is taking a class at the U of U and is really enjoying it. He has been working really hard getiing all of our stuff down here and then putting stuff away that I can't, he knows I'll do it if he doesn't remove the temptation!
Ty likes his new school and has made a few friends, there is another 8 year old boy just two doors down, which rocks. He has been helpful w/the little kids but is a little miffed that he has to share a room again. We told him that he will get his own room when he starts junior high. He counting down the days. He also started soccer this week and is doing really well w/it. He told me yesterday that he wants to play football now so that he can get big muscles. I haven' t decided how to handle that one yet. I don't really want him to play but I don't want to discourage him in something that he wants to do. we'll just have to see.
Logan did get to go to preschool after all, I have a neighbor two doors down that has a preschool in her basement and she had an opening so we slid him right in there two days before it started. He is loving it and is so adorable because his backpack is bigger that he is. He doesn't like me to walk him to school though, he wants to do it by himself. Luckily it's pretty close so that I can just walk him out the front door and watch go. It's nice having that quiet time w/Ava, though all I've managed to do w/that time so far is sleep. I don't sleep well at night and I am having such bad pain in my hips that I can't walk in the morning so I end up falling asleep. I'm a terrible mother!
Ava is hitting the terrible two and throws the biggest fits I've ever seen! She loves to scream "No, I don't want to." She is going to be such a pain. She is still too cute for words though and gets extremely spoiled. Maybe that's were the bratiness comes from??
We are enjoying all of kids and it's really fun seeing they're different personalities develop.
Logan is running around the house naked, I should probably do something about that! Laters all, we love you


Heather said...

You guys suck! :)

Randy loves the picture of Logan and Jake - how does Jake like the new place? I can't believe you left out that important information.

DO NOT GET INDUCED, you can stand a few more days of pregnancy in exchange for safety - doctors don't tell you the dangers of induction but there are many. Just wait, you'll be fine, I promise. That's all I'm gonna say :)

I'm glad you like your new place - I was having a YW board mtg today and Amy Neilsen didn't even know you guys moved. She agrees with me that you're way lame not to say goodbye or even MENTION to people that you're moving! I told her we found out accidentally. Did you get your piano moved alright?

Best wishes for you guys - we'll miss you next door on Halloween! Hope everything works out - I'd like to say we'll keep in touch but you and I are a little too blunt for that, probably. More than likely we'll lose touch and just remember each other's families for a few years and then be like, "who was that loud guy with that red-haired wife?!" and you guys will think, "who was that loud guy with the chubby wife?" and that will be that, lol. Maybe not, but just in case...have a great life, we'll miss you :)

becca said...

yeah for blogs. i'm excited to see pictures of the house. good luck with the new baby- i can't believe you guys are up to 4! we're just working on #2.
my youngest brother just went to the mtc which means adam and i were there a LONG time ago. i told him to stay away from exploring tunnels:)

Neil & Katie said...

Hey Cori-
We're sad to see you guys go so far away! We hope things work out for you. Keep in touch!
Love ya-