Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He's here!!!!!

Ian James Archer was born on Sept. 20, 2008 at 8:53 pm. He weighed 8lbs even and was 21" long. It was a fairly tramatic day for all of us and things kept going wrong but all is well w/all of us and he is beautiful.
I was having sharp pains and random but hard contraction for two days and two long night, I finally woke up Saturday morning and said enough is enough, we are going to the hospital despite what they're telling me. My doctor was doing rounds that morning, so thankfully he was there. They checked my cervic and he was breech, the little booger. So the sharp pains were him kicking me in the cervic! They gave me several options, they could manually turn him, I could have a c-section or they could manually turn him and I could possibly have an emergency c-section if it put him under to much stress. This scared Adam and I both, we have never had any trouble or talk of a c-section before. We opted for what we hoped was option number 1. It went well though horribly painfully, and my doctor broke my water, and put me on potocin. Ian didn't want anything but to sleep in there, they didn't like that and had to keep shocking him to wake him up, so more talk of a c-section. When I decided that it was time for a catheter the nurse put one in w/o checking my chart for allergies (which I didn't think to tell her about) and we found out the hard way that I am definetely allergic to iodine (major swelling)! And after all of that, he wouldn't drop and just wanted to face my leg, so the doctor kept positioning him correctly but he kept moving back up. So he eventually had to hold the baby's head in place while I pushed and between contractions until he finally came out!
After our tramatic day things have settled well, the swelling has made recovery a little harder than usual but still not too bad. The boys are in love w/him and are constantly wanting to hold him, kiss him, touch him and just generally be close to him. Ava doesn't really care about him, she will just randomly point at him and say "baby."
Grandma and Grandpa had a long weekend w/the other kids. Logan got mad at Ty on Sunday becasue he drew a picture of himself, Logan and Uncle Austin. Logan didn't think that he was drawn proportionately and kept telling Ty "I'm not that teeny, Ty!" and insisted that the picture be redrawn. Ty drew him another picture w/Logan about the size of Godzilla and himself and buildings the size of ants!! Ava is still yelling all of her words, she yells nicely but has not learned volume control. "MILK, PLEASE!!"
Adam was a HUGE help at the hospital, I'm so glad that he was able to be there. He had just started a new project at work and it would be really hard for him to get away, depending on what they were doing, but he didn't have to work on Saturday and Monday it rained so he couldn't have gotten a lot done. So all things considered everything worked out perfectly.
Well, I have to go feed Ian. We love you all.


Michael & Sherrie said...

Congratulations to you guys! He is so cute! BTW you look great too! Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble bring into this world but boy is he a cutie!

Katie Morgan said...

CONGRATS!! Glad that all is well. I've been thinking about you guys since you've moved. Leti told me about the baby. Hope all has settled a little more!


Hey! Its Aleta, used to be Strasser, 'Uta'atu
I discovered you on Lawler's blog! Nice to see you guys are doing great! Congrats on the new baby. Come check us out utaatufamily.blogspot.com