Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The House

Okay, I have finally taken pictures of the inside of the house, it's cold out and I don't want to go outside right now, so I'll get the outside later. I'll get them eventually. We still love this house; the doorknobs, the paint, the baseboards! Everything! We still have some pictures to hang and some nail holes to fill and a few more homey touches and we'll be done. Are you ever really done though? There is always something, isn't there?
Whoever said that once you've had three kids it's easy was lying!! I have three babies, Logan and Ava are still so whiney. And they all lose it at the same time! I think I'm finally getting a handle on things though, I actually went out in public today. Ava's hair wasn't done and I hadn't showered yet, but we were out there getting things done, that's the important thing.
Adam is great, he is starting a new business having to do w/financial management, he is still doing construction but is also doing this now. He is very ambitious and has to be continually moving forward, I can't complain though becasue he is such a hard worker and wants the best for his family. He is almost done w/school, just three more classes and should graduate in the spring. We are so excited, it's a little surreal though because he has always been going to school, what's he going to do w/himself? I know he'll find something to keep him going.
I am just trying to survive four children! That's a joke, I love all of the kids I just find myself looking at all of them and going "Holy Crap! I have a lot of kids!" It's amazing that just having one more made it seem like so many. My in-laws are my saving grace, they help out a ton. It's nice to have the extra hands since I'm usually doing it alone! If everyone thought I was sxheduled before I'm a down right nazi now! Schedules save my sanity. So it's almost nice that Adam is rarely here during the week because he always throws off the system.
Ty just finished his soccer season, it was a rough one. They never won a game, his team got an "A" for effort and that's all I can say about them. He is starting basketball in November, he has never played before so I think we're going to need our family expert (Anth that's you) to give him some pointers. He is very competitive so I'm hoping he catches on fast. We are trying to keep him fairly busy, he is so much nicer when he has activities to do. Ty has been pretty good w/all the kids. He is a fantastic helper when he wants to be but has developed some major attitude. I'm not looking forward to his teens. I have finally let him start picking up Ian w/o my help and have discovered that he is a very calming influence on Ian. He stops crying and just stares at Ty, it's really cute and Ty loves it. Being the big brother suits him well, Ava and Ian seem to adore him. We won't mention how Logan feels!!
Logan is loving preschool and loves to sing the songs he learned, he has really grown up in the last two months, but is still a big whiner! He loves Baby Ian and helps me a lot by rocking Ian's chair when he cries. Logan is my neurotic child, the older he is getting the more OCD he is. He has to wear his pants as tight as possible which is difficult when he's a 4T in length and about a 12 month in waist (that is no exaggeration), he also doesn't like his sleeves to touch his wrists and needs his shoes so tight that the laces break! The benefit to his OCD is that he is a stickler for the rules, I don't need to worry about him or anyone else breaking rules when he is around. I don't like shoes in my house so he will tell anyone who comes in to take off their shoes, so I don't have too! He never misses the dirty clothes hamper either (unlike Ty). So there are some pluses to his neuroses.
Ava is a pill, she is absolutely adorable one minute and one of Satan's minions the next! She has taken to growling out commands to everyone lately, especially to Logan. If I correct him, she copies what I said in a growl, example; I tell Logan he can't have anymore candy and then Satan's minion repeats "NO LO AN CANNY!" in a growl. She is also very stern about rules and always sits on the step leading into the house from the garage to take off her shoes, effectively causing a pile up of people waiting to get in! She still loves shoes and clothes and is becoming picky about her hair, if we get around to doing something w/it. She insists on two "ponies" (pigtails) in her hair and while through a hissy fit if there is only one. I love seeing the differences in boys and girls, she copies so many things that I do, I always put hair ties in my teeth when I'm doing her hair and now she has to put one in her teeth. It is so cute. I'm so glad that I have a little girl, the fits and the drama aside she is adorable and talks in a little sing-song voice, when she is happy. Whenever she said please or thank you it's always "pease, Mom" or "tank ou, Mom" I love it! She is also really cute w/Ian, she calls him "Baby Een" and is concerned whenever he cries.
Ian doesn't have a whole lot to say yet! He is a good baby but doesn't really like to go anywhere, he dislikes his car seat and screams whenever he is put in it. And wakes up about every three hours at night. He is adorable and looks just like Logan, so much so that we are constantly calling him Logan or Mikey (Logan's nickname).
Things are great guys, we are incredibly happy w/our huge family!!! Hope every one is doing great.


The Dever Family said...

I cant believe you have four kids! lol. McKay doesnt like his car seat either... although it seems to be getting better lately. And he wakes up every 2-3 hours at night still too. (he's 5 months now). Love hearing your updates. Your home is beautiful. Hugs.

Ben said...

Hey guys this is (EX)Anziano Burt! You have four kids... that is a little nuts. I still cant even imagine even one right now. Hope all is well. Word.

The Bruces said...

Hey Corey.... This is Lori, Nate said he talked to you today and gave me your blog... your little guy is so cute and your home looks so cute. we will have to catch up some time. Check out our blog as well its
or email me sometime and I could call and chat :)